Sunday, 21 June 2015

Another Place

I hate it when bloggers apologise for taking time away from their blog - after all, we all require a break every now and then - but I'm going to do it anyway because I really am sorry for the radio silence this month; I have missed this little space! As I mentioned before, we are in the middle of buying a shiny new house (well, new to's actually 220 years old!) and between the stressful life admin of that, and the daily grind of work, there hasn't been much time or energy left for creativity and reflection and all the other necessary elements for producing a decent blog post. We're due to exchange on Wednesday, so I'm hoping I'll be back to my usual blog routine soon enough (with lots of interiors and decorating posts to come!).

We did, however, find time last weekend to head up to Liverpool to celebrate the Texan's birthday. Way back in January I booked tickets to see David Sedaris live in Liverpool, because (1) we love David Sedaris, and (2) we'd never been to Liverpool before and it's always fun to explore new places, and (3) I've always wanted to visit the iron men on Crosby Beach. Liverpool really surprised me - the architecture was so grand and varied, it is an incredibly beautiful city. If only it wasn't so chilly, I'd consider moving there...

The iron men at Crosby Beach didn't disappoint either - seeing the tide slowly move out, revealing 100 statutes which go out hundreds of metres from the shore, was so powerful, but in a cleverly subtle and immersive way. I loved it.

I also took the opportunity to indulge one of my favourite pastimes - scouring the beach for odd bits of ceramics and curious bits and pieces - am I the only person in the world that loves doing this?! We stumbled across hundreds of bricks on the shore, ground smooth by the waves, and amongst them were some beautifully coloured pieces of tile and glass. I'm an odd one, I know.

P.S. I'm so proud that our little flat was featured on Apartment Therapy this weekend! The best bit are the comments, some are just bonkers...!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Red House

A few weeks ago the Texan and I drove down to Bexley to visit the Red House, the only house commissioned, created and lived in by William Morris. The house really is extraordinary, with its patterned wallpapers, medieval-inspired frescos and painted ceilings - and the gardens are pretty special too. If you're in need of some inspiration, then I'd definitely recommend the trip out of town.

You might have seen on Instagram that the Texan and I are in the middle to trying to buy a house of our own, which is exciting and stressful in equal measure. Well, probably more stressful than exciting, if I'm honest. I won't say much more because I'm convinced we're going to get gazumped or our mortgage application will be declined or something else will happen before exchange which means we'll end up terribly disappointed...but despite my pessimism, I just can't help myself: I've already decorated the entire place in my head, with Morris wallpaper (I love this one) and old furniture which I can't afford. I guess the Red House must have had an influence on me. For now, however, it will all have to remain in my head as buying a house seemingly takes an age to achieve, and it will be at least another eight weeks before the keys are anywhere near my nervous sweaty palms - by which point I'm sure I will have planned the kitchen extension, loft conversion and granny annex!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


It's been six days since my septoplasty surgery and I'm still a little tired and shaky, but I'm certainly on the mend now. Thank you for all your lovely messages of support, they really got me through! I might write a separate post soon about the not-too-gruesome details, as a sort-of public service - since I completely freaked myself out in the days leading up to the operation by reading dozens of horror stories online, which unsurprisingly turned out to be utter rubbish (or at least in my case they were).

These lovely photos were, as you might have guessed, taken before the doctor got his hands on my nose, at a new favourite secret spot in East London. Those tiles are just so dreamy! As is my new dress, which was featured on the Anthropologie website today! I had to pick something out for a summer wedding so I went for a colourful number - not that I know much about wedding attire, since I've only been to three weddings, and the one time I was meant to be a bridesmaid I ended up being demoted (story for another's quite scandalous...). In any case, I think I make a convincing wedding guest, don't you think?

What I'm wearing  |  Leilani Tulle Dress c/o Anthropologie  |  Belt: Gift  |  Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo  |  Bag: Michael Kors  |  Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs  |  Watch: Daniel Wellington