Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bisous from a grown up

My elective classes start this week: Private Acquisitions, Debt Finance and Equity Finance. "Elective" is a misleading word; no one in their right mind would actually choose to study these subjects (my law firm chose them for me). Anyway, the Texan and I decided a proper breakfast was in order this morning - you know, to muster up the energy to study...

Gail's at Exmouth Market is just a short walk away and so we often find ourselves there, ordering a tuna sandwich (for the Texan) and the caramelised pears and hotcakes (for me)... Probably not a good thing to eat right before taking outfit photos and while wearing a very fitted skirt, but they are too damn tasty to turn down, so who cares if they give me a bloated tummy!

I only bought this skirt yesterday after trying it on several times during my lunch break and umming and ahhing over whether to buy it. I never wear skirts of this length - they always feel so grown up - but, since I'm turning 25 this week, I guess "grown up" is a look I shouldn't be scared of.

Anyway, I better get back to my books - after all, one of you might need me one day should you be acquiring a new business, or selling some shares, or looking for competition clearance from the OFT. Or maybe not. Hope you all have a much more fun Sunday afternoon!

P.S. The following photo is an ode to the queen of all jumping photos, the lovely Erin of Calivintage! I hope you like my attempt, Erin!

What I'm wearing -

Jacket, t-shirt + skirt: Topshop

Shoes: Vintage, Salvatore Ferragamo

Bag: Vintage