Sunday, 26 January 2014

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Cold and rainy Sundays were designed for DIYs at home.  Here's a quick and easy one to stave off the boredom of being stuck at home today...

You will need  |  Wool in the colour of your choice - I used Rowan Big Wool but it's entirely up to you how thick you want your macrame to be  | Plant in a pretty pot - I went for rosemary and thyme because these are going to live in my shoe-box kitchen  |  Keyring  |  Ceiling hook  | Scissors

Step 1: Cut 16 pieces of wool, about a metre and a half in length and tie them tightly together about six inches from the top.

Step 2: Hold your wool in place by using your plant pot as an anchor, and then separate the strands into four sections of four strands each.  Expert tip: lock the kitty cat outside because she/he will inevitably attempt to sabotage your DIY efforts!

Step 3: Take the first section of four strands of wool.  Take two strands in your left hand, and two strands in your right, and then knot them together about three inches from the big knot at the top.  Repeat this for the other three sections.

Step 4: Spread out the strands of wool so you now have eight sections of two strands each.

Step 5: Take the two strands from the first section and match it up with the two strands from the closest section to the left of it.  Tie them together, again, about three inches from your previous knots.  Repeat for the remaining sections - eventually you will end up with a square shape.

Step 6: Place your plant pot inside the square and pull the wool upwards to create the basket.

Step 7: Thread the keyring through the wool and figure out how long you want your hanger to hang.

Step 8: Tie a big knot at the top and snip off the excess wool.

Step 9: Hang on a hook, making sure your plant pot is centred - and enjoy!

You can be as crafty as you like with these - you could play with the number of knots, try doubling up colours, even add some beads... Such a simple, inexpensive and yet effective DIY!

What I'm wearing  |  Breton top: c/o Joules from Surfdome, find more here at  |  Jeans: New perfect Jamie jeans from Topshop!