Salvage old printers with dried ink dissolvents

My first post here is going to cover one of the most cursed devices in the history of the world, printers. Epson printers in particular. They are known for their cheap ink, but also for their propensity for the ink to clog up or dry out completely resulting in printouts with blank spots or completely blank pages. Don’t throw out your printer, it might be possible to save it using dissolvents.

Salvage old printers with dried ink dissolvents

Reason why ink for Epson printers is for the most part cheaper than ink for other printers is because print heads are part of the printer. A print head is what sprays ink onto paper. Other manufacturers like HP and Cannon have print heads attached to the ink cartridge itself. That makes them more pricey, but what it also means is that in case ink gets clogged or dried up, simply replacing the cartridge makes it possible to get the printer working again.

Ink that gets clogged up or dried up on Epson printers is difficult to deal with because the print head is non-removable. They are attached to the carriage, the black thing that goes left-right when printing. Epson ink cartridges are just plastic ink containers, with chips for identification and ink level reporting. Once a print head gets clogged up, it needs to be flushed with a cleaning solution that dissolves the dried up ink. See video above for detailed instructions. Channel HBT made easy to follow video to help you get going.

I personally managed to bring back to life 4 Epson printers this way. You success may vary. Note that you might need to clean a printer several times in order to succeed. Try it and get back to me with your results.

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