Healthy food you didn’t know is healthy – garlic

Pretty much all food is healthy to some degree. Sometimes however people aren’t even aware that a certain food will do wonders to their health, even though it is a well known delicacy. Today we’re gonna be talking about garlic, which is often overlooked when talking about healthy foods.

Garlic – healthy food that everyone should eat

Garlic can be found in cuisines of pretty much every European country. I’ve gotten addicted to it while my husband and me were visiting Croatia a couple of years ago. Many of my friends here in the states don’t seem to like it because they have bad breath afterwards.

What people don’t seem to realize is that garlic has many healthy effects on thebody. It inhibits bacteria growth, has compounds that fight against inflammations, it decreases cholesterol and blood pressure. Most important ingredient in garlic that does all this work is allicin, although there are many others that are worth mentioning. the way I take my garlic is by eating it freshly cut next to other meals. If I do have to cook it, it’s important not to overdo it, because overcooked garlic loses many of its important nutrients. So if you don’t find garlic too repulsive to eat, definitely do so. It’s good for you.

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