Right to repair

Right to repair bill is an important piece of legislation that makes it possible for you, the consumer, to actually own the things you purchase. Initially the right to repair legislation was referring to car manufacturers making it difficult for people to repair their car by themselves. Fighting against the greed of car manufacturers, who either prevent people from fixing their cars completely, or just make it very difficult for owners to do it themselves is also a worthy cause. What this page however promotes is the right to repair legislation that makes it easier for people to get their electronics devices fixed or to just tinker with them.

More and more manufacturers of laptops, smartphones, printers, TVs, or anything else you can think of, makes it difficult to find schematics, access components on the circuit boards or preventing tinkering on the devices via software with DRM or TPMs. Not only that tinkering with your own device this way is impossible or difficult to do, but you can actually get in trouble with the law. In some cases tinkering with devices is considered copyright infringement and could end up with a fine, like you do when downloading pirated content.

To fight these injustices, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has setup an initiative to help introduce legislation in Congress that would allow us to own our devices once again. You can read more about it on their page at EFF. It’s a worthy cause and I hope you support it by calling your congressman and tell him/her about the importance of our right to repair our own devices. Do it now, before it’s too late. Thanks and until next time.

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