Who am I?

Hi, I've already talked about myself so much elsewhere that I'm not even sure what to put here on the about me page. Image of me can be seen right there --->>, to the right, I'm the girl in the red dress. Heh, just like that scene in the Matrix when Neo is being introduced to Agents. Anyways, I'm a wife, and a real estate agent that likes to travel, eat good food and tinker with electronics. That pretty much sums me up.

In my spare time I try to keep myself busy by either searching for new places to visit, cooking delicious food, looking for DIY worth pursuing or playing with my dog, Ben. Being a real estate agent gives me a lot of down time. That's part of the reason why I have so much hobbies. My husband also regularly travels for work, leaving alone at home. Girls gotta keep herself busy somehow, right? That's pretty much it about me. You can find more on the homepage, good bye and stay safe.

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